Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Band History


In the beginning….

Firuz is a band created and formed by Arnulfo “arnie” Alsol, on March 1997.It started as a rock and roll dream when his parents bought a second hand stereo and some old vinyl records of different artists. Then his uncle brought home some old records of the 70’s and 60’s rock music. The music of Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk, The Beatles, and Deep Purple became the source of inspiration to Arnie. During high school days, a friend introduced him to the music of Van Halen and to other high-energy musicians such as: Steve Vai, Whitesnake, Jimi Hendrix and to other blues artist. Arnie saved enough money and bought himself an electric guitar and an amplifier from a thrift shop in Bangkal, Makati, and started learning to play guitar on his own. While everyone was busy attending parties and listening to radio music, Arnie was busy learning to play guitar.

Arnie joined different kinds of bands until he finally decided to form his own band together with his friends and his brother Regie, as the drummer. They performed in so many gigs in so many different occasions, but Arnie and his brother believe that the band’s main strength is their ability to write original music and perform them well.

At the age of 13 or 14, Regie was already proficiently playing drums. He jammed with different musicians and performed in numerous parties. His main influences were Alex Van Halen and Bonham.

Come together

The Alsol brothers met Alvin (vocalist) in Freedom Bar on August 15, 2001. Gifted with a very powerful voice, Alvin was performing with his old band called Roadhouse. There was a mutual admiration from their performances, few weeks later, Alvin was asked to join the band. The tug of war between the guitar and his voice began.

Leo Nuestro was a former guitar player and decided to play bass guitar. He is a big fan of Led Zeppelin and the music of Billy Sheehan from Mr. Big. Regie got a chance to jam with him and got impressed with his talent. Leo was finally asked to join the band. His musicality added another dimension to the Firuz sound.


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